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Skin Remedy Hydrolyzed Sponge Spicules

Skin Remedy Hydrolyzed Sponge Spicules

Known as “liquid microneedles” or “biological microneedles”, these spicules are derived from freshwater sponge. It’s powder to the naked eye but under a microscope, you’ll see millions of needle-like spikes. When combined with a (needling safe) carrier product (usually a serum), the spicules travel the serum down to deeper layers of the skin.

For acne, regulate sebum, PIH, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, fine lines/wrinkles

Perfect to use with illumin-8 or Pink Glow

Approx 20-80 applications.




Recommended dosage is 0.25g, 0.50g, 0.75g or 1.0g (measure out with a grams scale)

The more spicules used = the more aggressive the treatment

How deep is based on your application… more aggressive massage=deeper.

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