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Skin Remedy Fucoidan Additive

Skin Remedy Fucoidan Additive

1. Increases dermal fibroblast numbers; matrix production.

2. Has inhibition properties of collagenase (breakdown of peptide bonds).

3. Causes the contraction of fibroblasts, populates collagen; increases the expression on the fibroblasts. (Same as S-PDRN)

4. Proven to increase skin thickness; elasticity. Incredibly hydrating.

5. Helps with the modulation of growth factor activity.

6. Inhibition of inflammation.

7. Inhibition of tyrosinase & has photo-aging protection properties.

* You can mix this with your moisturizer, serums, HA or even distilled water!




I mix with a few drops of distilled water to create a serum. I apply immediately post fibroblasting or 2 hours after MicroNeedling (send home with client to apply before bed). You can apply immediately post nano.
I Also like to use a bit mixed with my serum used on mode 2 Electroporation with the Leaf.

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