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LPhysio Exosomore The Next Cell Booster Serum

LPhysio Exosomore The Next Cell Booster Serum


EXOSOMORE The Next Cell Booster Collagen synthesis + density in skin + improve deep wrinkles + improve aging + minimize pores

Exosomes, which are mentioned in numerous SCI classes as a fourth-generation regenerative material, contain essential regenerative substances and act as intercellular signals, stem cells. It effectively cares for damaged skin and activates the skin's natural energy. In particular, exosomes are skin-friendly natural liposomes, which are double membranes similar to cell membranes with high safety and are skin-friendly. It is 30~200nm in size, which is only about 1/300 of the pores, so it is researched as the best regenerative ingredient with excellent absorption capacity.

Use topically or with nano, microneedling, Leaf or other infusion devices (recommended depth not to exceed 0.30)

4 ampoules & 4 Syringes; 1 Ampoule & 1 Syringe


1. Open the cap on the frozen powder bottle and add the syringe ampoule.
2. Close the cap and shake lightly to completely dissolve the lyophilized powder.
3. Open the cap and dispense an appropriate amount of mixed ampoule with an eyedropper.
4. Apply the ampoule evenly to the face and pat it lightly to absorb OR penetrate serum with chosen modality (max depth 0.30)

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