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KORU Glomedic Aqua Peptide Modeling Mask - Cool

KORU Glomedic Aqua Peptide Modeling Mask - Cool


GLOMEDIC masks are based on an innovative technology where the ingredients are ground into ultra-microscopic pieces so that they can penetrate deeply into the skin instantly.

The active ingredients can reach the dermis layer, which makes GLOMEDIC masks 10 times more effective than other masks

5 individual & 1,000g bulk bag


  • The powder of the alginate mask should be mixed with room temperature water
  • 25 g of powder – per 25 ml of water
  • If desired, increase the amount of powder and water.
  • Apply the mask to the skin (layer of 3-5 mm) but do not cover up the nostrils.
  • Take off the mask after 15-30 minutes, removing from the chin to the forehead.
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