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Inspira Med Youth Preserve Serum

Inspira Med Youth Preserve Serum


Youth Preserve Serum protects the skin against the first signs of aging. It prevents damage at molecular level, protects the cells and mitochondria and slows down telomere shortening.

Additionally it has a skin-structuring effect to reduce the depth of wrinkles and increase the skin‘s density and thickness. The skin is additionally protected against the harmful effect of UV radiation.

Purpose and function

  • Maintains a youthful appearance for longer
  • For smoother skin
  • For more even skin
  • Increases tissue density

30ml & 50ml


Youth Molecules: Repair stimulating lipids to protect the skin cells against oxidative stress; the repair
enzyme telomerase remains active and premature telomere degeneration is prevented; the skin is
restructured, the density of the dermis increased and wrinkles smoothed

  • An in vitro study revealed the following results:
  • A 2% solution of the lipids was applied onto a group of 15 female volunteers 2x per day.
  • The thickness of the epidermis and dermis was then measured ultrasonically:
  • 28 female volunteers each used a cream with 2% lipids at the corner of the eyes in comparison with a placebo 2x per day. The complexion was then examined by means of an impression and image analysis:


  • Ectoin®: This unique biological active substance boosts the cell‘s own defenses and therefore protects
    the skin against UV radiation and moisture loss. Ectoin® additionally protects the skin from damage
    caused by stress factors such as heat, cold, UV light and especially prevents premature skin aging.
  • Pentavitin®*: Sustainably improves the skin’s moisture retention capacity, as this combination of
    various sugar compounds binds fi rmly to the surface of the skin and is not rinsed off during washing.
  • Pentavitin® prevents moisture loss – even under dry environmental conditions.
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