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Inspira Med Youth Preserve Cream

Inspira Med Youth Preserve Cream


Purpose and function

  • Prolongs the skin’s youthfulness
  • Helps to repair cell damage
  • Fortifies the skin’s barrier structure
  • Beautiful skin in the long term
  • Smoother and more even skin
  • Increased tissue density
  • Intensively moisturizing and moisture-retaining

50ml & 100ml


  • Youth Molecules: Repair stimulating lipids to protect the skin cells against oxidative stress; the repair enzyme telomerase remains active and premature telomere degeneration is prevented; the skin is restructured, the density of the dermis increased and wrinkles smoothed

Youth Preserve Cream has a restorative effect on the skin tissue, which can be seen by the reduction in expression marks and wrinkles plus the increase in skin density and skin thickness.

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