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Inspira Med Skin Defense Cream

Inspira Med Skin Defense Cream


When the skin‘s natural barrier is disturbed, the skin tends to become irritable. It is no longer able to adequately protect itself against external influences such as climatic conditions, sunlight, environmental toxins, etc. It also reacts increasingly sensitive to foreign substances.

The consequence: redness and irritation. Skin Defense Cream, a rich care formula with a lipid content of 25%, is the ideal care for sensitive and irritated skin. With its special active substances, it helps to restore an intact hydrolipidic film. Redness and skin irritation are reduced and the skin‘s resilience is increased, therefore preventing the occurrence of new irritation. The irritated skin rapidly becomes soft and supple again; the well-being of relaxed skin is guaranteed.

50ml & 100ml


  • Skin Guard Complex: Highly-active plant extract consisting of active substances from Cardiospermum Halicacabum (balloon vine which grows in the tropics), Echium Plantagineum (echium seed oil) and unsaponifiable constituents of sunflower oil. A study has shown that Skin Guard Complex reduces skin sensitivity by 49% after four weeks’ application. It additionally prevents the occurrence of redness and fortifies the hydrolipidic barrier.
  • α-Bisabolol: Obtained from chamomile oil; a proven ingredient for soothing the skin.
  • Isostearyl-Isostearate: Emollient based on sustainable raw plant materials; fortifies the hydrolipidic barrier via the cohesion of the lipids in the Stratum Corneum and reduces the skin’s trans-epidermal water loss.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Produced using biotechnology, it possesses a fill-in effect which “pads out” the skin from the inside out. The skin is lifted extensively.
  • Pentavitin®*: Sustainably improves the skin’s moisture retention capacity, as this combination of various sugar compounds binds firmly to the surface of the skin and is not rinsed off during washing.
  • Pentavitin® prevents moisture loss – even under dry environmental conditions.
  • Squalane: Obtained from plant-based olive oil, similar to the skin’s natural lipid; prevents dehydration (moisture loss); skin-smoothing; is easily absorbed without leaving the skin feeling greasy.
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