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Inspira Med Restorative Cream

Inspira Med Restorative Cream


Smooth and even skin with fine pores is the ideal of many men and women. With intact circulation and well moisturized, it radiates youthfulness and freshness. The skin normally renews itself every 4 weeks by means of a natural peeling process.

As we age, this process becomes increasingly slow. The skin has difficulties in shedding its gray veil of loose, dead skin cells. The complexion‘s freshness and youthful radiance are reduced. Thickening of the top layer of skin can additionally lead to the occurrence of blemishes, as the pores are clogged. It is then high time to offer it some support in the form of a course of fruit acid treatment! Restorative Cream is a treatment cream with concentrated natural fruit acids. It has a relatively low lipid content and is rich in moisturizing active substances, so it is suitable for all skin types.

Purpose and function

  • Improves the skin structure thanks to the fruit acids
  • Reduces wrinkles and scars
  • Refines the skin pores
  • Moisturizing and moisture-retaining
  • Clarifies the skin complexion
  • Inhibits the formation of new blemishes

50ml & 100ml


  • pH value 4,0.
  • Apply only on intact skin.
  • Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes.
  • Wash off immediately in the case of skin intolerance.
  • Store out of the reach of children.
  • For external application only.


  • AHA acids: Consisting of glycolic acid (sugar cane), malic, citric, tartaric acid; these remove dead horny cells (keratolytic effect), increase the cell renewal rate and improve the skin structure. Old, superfluous dead skin cells are dissolved and removed while new cells are able to reach the surface of the skin without obstacles.
  • Pentavitin®*: Sustainably improves the skin’s moisture retention capacity, as this combination of various sugar compounds binds firmly to the surface of the skin and is not rinsed off during washing.
  • Pentavitin®* prevents moisture loss – even under dry environmental conditions.
  • Squalane: Obtained from plant-based olive oil, similar to the skin’s natural lipid; prevents dehydration
    (moisture loss); skin-smoothing; is easily absorbed without leaving the skin feeling greasy.
  • α-Bisabolol: Obtained from chamomile oil; a proven ingredient for soothing the skin.
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