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Inspira Med pH Neutralizer

Inspira Med pH Neutralizer

pH Neutralizer neutralizes skin treated with Peel Exfoliator thanks to its content of sodium bicarbonate. The weak carbonic acid sodium salt reacts with the stronger fruit acids to form carbon dioxide. On the skin, this process is noticeable due to foaming and a temporary but intensive tingling sensation. Neutralizing the skin after applying the acidic exfoliators is an absolute must and is always carried out immediately after washing off the Exfoliator. Please ensure that this is carried out carefully on the wings of the nose and at the corners of the mouth. The acid remaining on the skin is only neutralized when no further foam forms. To make sure, the process can be repeated. 



pH Neutralizer stops the exfoliators‘ acid activity. First, thoroughly remove the exfoliator with moist compresses after the precise application time. Then apply pH Neutralizer onto the skin with the brush. Pay particular attention to the wings of the nose and corners of the mouth. Allow to work in until no further tingling is noticeable (approx. 1 minute) and then wash off thoroughly. Neutralize a second time if necessary.


  • pH value 8.0
  • Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes


  • Sodium bicarbonate: Stops the activity of acids; it is generally approved for use in food without quantity restrictions and can also be added to organic foodstuffs according to the EU regulations on organic products.
  • Glycerin: Moisture retention agent
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