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Inspira Med Eye Care Cream

Inspira Med Eye Care Cream

  •  Smooths lines and creases
  •  Reduces circles around the eyes and puffiness
  •  Increases the resilience and elasticity of the eye area
  •  Stimulates the skin’s own regeneration process
  •  Rich and easy to distribute
  •  Ideally suited for long-lasting eye make-up

15ml & 30ml


  •  Peptide complex: Complex consisting of soya, yeast and rice peptides, reduces dark circles around the eyes and puffiness by improving the skin’s microcirculation, keeps the collagen and elastin framework intact.
  •  Calming Complex: Extract of yeast cells, butcher’s broom; calendula, horse chestnut, liquorice and marsh pennywort; calming, anti-inflammatory, skin-fortifying effect.
  •  Long- and short-chain Hyaluronic acid: Produced using biotechnology, it possesses a fill-in effect which “pads out” the skin from the inside out. The skin is lifted extensively.
  •  Shea butter: High-quality natural raw material from the nuts of the shea butter tree (Butyrospermum parkii), protects the skin against drying out; lipid-replenishing, smoothing, improving the skin suppleness.
  •  Vitamin A palmitate: Stimulates the skin’s natural regeneration and improves the structure of the epidermis.
  •  Vitamin E acetate: Radical scavenger, preventive cell protection, combats premature skin aging.
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