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Illuminate LED Panel

Illuminate LED Panel


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*** FREE ARCH HANDLE with the purchase of any color light panel ($55 value; ends 04/15) *** No coupon code needed

Illuminate LED™ is a revolutionary LED phototherapy device for spas and home use. Illuminate uses 1800 LEDs because with 1800 LEDs you will complete the treatment in less time, just five minutes. Other panels have 100, 200, or maybe 300 LEDs. With 1800 LEDs we can run each at a lower power. Lower power means less heat and longer life. Other panels either have a large heat sink or a small number of LEDs without a heat sink. Hold a piece of paper up to other LED devices. You will see spots where the light is brightest and places of very low-level light in between these bright spots. Their optical energy is not uniform. Illuminate is the only LED device that provides uniform energy from less than an inch all the way to three inches. Hold a piece of white paper up to illuminate to experience this uniform energy that your skin is getting.  Illuminate is lightweight, thin, flexible, and powerful. The revolutionary, patent-pending, design of Illuminate not only makes it very thin but also provides several wonderful benefits. Browse the details here on our website and contact us to discover why Illuminate is far and away the best LED panel in its class.

Red light therapy works to heal muscle, tissue, skin, and other cells in the body. It provides sun-healing benefits without the risks of UV damage. Benefits include improved skin texture, tone, and muscle growth. In a number of cases, red light therapy has also been linked to improvement in hair growth in people with Androgenetic Alopecia, a genetic disorder that causes hair loss. Pain caused by Osteoarthritis has also been reportedly reduced by more than 50% according to one study. Skin conditions such as warts, skin cancer, acne, psoriasis, and other types of cancer have in the past been treated with Red Light Therapy. NASA was the first to experiment with using red light therapy to improve the growth of plants and eventually used the therapy to heal wounds on astronauts!

Blue light therapy is exceptional at eliminating acne formation, precancerous skin conditions, and improving mental & emotional health. Enjoy natural healing, without the side affects of drugs and surgery. Studies have show blue like to also alleviate symptoms of depression, such as lethargy and fatigue. Early morning treatment has show blue light to help with insomnia and resetting the body's circadian rhythm.

Green light therapy Many research studies show human cells respond best to 525nm in much the same way that plant cells benefit from sunlight. It is healthy for your skin to be in the sun. You already know that. The sun’s UVB energy is what your body uses to make Vitamin D. Unfortunately, UVB, 280nm – 315nm, also gives you a sunburn and has been shown to cause accelerated aging and other problems for your skin. Illuminate uses narrow-band 525 nm LED light. Illuminate does not generate any ultraviolet energy.

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