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Desembre Oxyjet Elixir Pro Treatment

Desembre Oxyjet Elixir Pro Treatment

Recommended for those who want to improve damaged skin due to stress; oxygen scaling for removing old keratin & impurities; restoring skin post needling/laser (not in same service); improving dark or dull skin tone; brightening.

Desembre Oxyjet Elixir Ampoule

This ampoule helps safely oxygen work in order to make the skin soft by providing moisture and soothing effect

Desembre Oxyjet Elixir Mask

This sheet mask with lots of fine oxygen bubbles, that gently removes dead skin cells, helps stimulate circulation by oxygen’s permeating the skin and supplies moisture to the skin.

10 serums; 10 sheet masks


Active ingredients:

Arbutin - pigmentation lightening, brightens, tyrosinase inhibitor


Panthenol - deeply moisturizes, retains hydration, calms inflamed acne, anti-inflammatory, smooths & soothes, speeds up healing


See box instructions or full protocol on website


Oxygenating bubbles penetrate into the skin, stimulates blood circulation, exfoliates dead skin cells, moisturizes & brightens.

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