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Desembre 24K Luxury Gold Therapy 10

Desembre 24K Luxury Gold Therapy 10

Experience the ultimate in luxury skincare with Desembre LuvGold 24k Luxury Gold Therapy. This innovative skincare kit combines the power of gold with advanced skincare technology to deliver unparalleled results.

Gold has long been known for its anti-aging benefits, and Desembre has harnessed this power to create a treatment that detoxifies the skin, improves blood circulation, and stimulates cell regeneration. The combination of Gold Foil, Serum Corrective Gamma PGA Peptide Plus, and Hydrating Cream Plus work together to deeply penetrate the skin, improving elasticity, reducing water retention, and slowing collagen depletion.

The Desembre Gold Peel Off Mask is the final step in this luxurious treatment, stimulating cell activation and regeneration for firmer, lifted skin. With regular use, Desembre LuvGold 24k Luxury Gold Therapy can help to reduce the appearance of age spots, improve skin texture, and leave your skin looking and feeling younger and more radiant.

This kit includes Gold Foils, Serum Corrective PGA, Cream, and Gold Mask, all designed to work together to deliver maximum results. Experience the ultimate in luxury skincare and indulge in the power of gold with Desembre LuvGold 24k Luxury Gold Therapy.

  • Luvgold Serum Corrective γ-PGA, Peptide 5ml x 10ea
  • Luvgold Gold Foil 50pcs
  • Luvgold Hydrating Cream 5g x 10ea
  • Luvgold Modeling Mask 35g x 10ea

10 treatments


Follow box instructions or see full optional protocol in website collections.


Desembre Serum Corrective γ-PGA, Peptide Plus

Polyglutamic Acid (Gamma PGA) Extract and 5 kinds of highly-concentrated peptides are stabilized in the capsule, enabling the ion exchange ability of a diversified electrolyte, which makes ionization possible without a device. Nutrients are penetrated and absorbed deep into the skin.

Desembre Gold Foil

99.99% pure gold detoxifies wastes and impurities and helps skin to regenerate cell in order to increase the skin firmness. This finally stimulates whitening and antiaging effects.

Desembre Hydrating Cream Plus

Patent ingredient Bluepyto Complex (No. 10-1119337), which are 6 kinds of herbal flower extracts, helps moisturize and calm the skin induces the absorption of gold and activation of ion, improving complexion and purifies the skin.

Desembre Gold Peel Off Mask

Active ingredients like Gold, Collagen, Algin stimulate cell-activation and regeneration and Maltodextrin makes unique viscosity, in order to make the skin firm and radiant

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