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Desembre 24K Gold Foil Sheets

Desembre 24K Gold Foil Sheets

Gold is safe for the skin because it has the same properties of electric current as the human body and waste removal.
Gold has a positive electric charge, which requires an application of a negative serum (such as PGA serum) to the skin and applying gold foil helps to absorb and remove impurities from the skin.

Improves elasticity, complexion and skin tone, activates the skin and absorb impurities.

50 count


99.99% Pure Gold Foil Sheets (CI 7748)


In Luxury Gold Therapy, after applying serum corrective γ-PGA peptide plus, attach total 3 sheets on the face. Each one sheet to the cheeks, 1/2 sheet to the forehead, each 1/4 sheet to the nose and chin.

Or, add to a facial when appropriate


Gold: Releasing impurities, supplying nutrition, Improving skin tone.

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