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BR Pharm Mela Tocin Essence

BR Pharm Mela Tocin Essence

Melatocin Essence is the perfect Anti-Melasma therapy researched and developed by the Institute of Dermatologists in South Korea.

The main active ingredients is Ascorbic Acid & Tranexamic Acid.

This formula can even out skin tone and reduce skin damage from aging and provide the greatest satisfaction for patients who are eager for healthy and bright skin.

Great for use with the Leaf, nano or microneedling.

10 ampoules


Water, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Tranexamic Acid, Disodium EDTA


Serum to infuse, Leaf, Nano or Microneedle

Full (optional) protocol available


Reduction of PIH, hyperpigmentation, melasma, etc

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