Melasma / Hyperpigmentation

  1. Cleanse with Desembre “Oxy Peel Bubble Mask Cleanser”; remove with warm towel
  2. Mix Desembre “Enzyme Powder” & Desembre “Madetox Mist” with a fan brush to create a foam; apply with a brush; let sit 5 minutes (steam optional) & remove w/ warm towel
  3. Apply numbing cream (if microneedling) & remove; numbing is NOT needed if using Nano or Leaf (there’s several numbing products available on this website); remove numbing cream
  4. If using Leaf, mode 1 on dry skin for 5 min
  5. Nano, Leaf mode 2 for 5 min or Microneedle Skin Remedy “illumin-8 serum” on areas WITHOUT melasma – 2 passes
  6. Nano, Leaf mode 2 for 5 min or Microneedle BR Pharm “MelaTocin Essence” over areas of melasma &/or hyperpigmentation – 2 passes
  7. Apply Skin Remedy illumin-8 serum over entirety of treatment area & gently press in
  8. If Microneedling, apply KORU “MesoHeal Sheet Mask” & end treatment here. If Leaf or Nano, continue on
  9. Apply Desembre “Dermagarden 7-Pepta Sheet Mask” for 10 minutes; press in remaining serum
  10. End treatment with Desembre “Waterdrop SPF” & Desembre “White Science 24h Cream”
  11. You may send client home with Skin Remedy “HA/Aloe Additive & Atomizer” to apply for soothing. However, client should not use for a minimum of 2 hours after treatment
  12. Client SHOULD be using BR Pharm “MelaRX Serum” at home twice daily every day

*For the treatment of melasma & hyperpigmentation

This protocol is a suggestion & not mandatory.

AAWA is not responsible for any possible adverse reactions & all contraindications is the responsibility of the provider of the service.

Estimated treatment time 60-90 min.

Approx treatment price varies on demographic, client base, modalities used, etc.