24K Gold Luxe Facial

  1. Cleanse Desembre “Derma Science Milk Essential Cleanser”; remove w/ warm towel
  2. Optional Dermaplane Hempeak “Facial Oil”; remove residual oil
  3. Additional exfoliation (optional) Desembre “Enzyme Powder Cleanser” mix w/ Desembre “Derma Essence Toner” & froth; apply with fan brush, leave 5 min & remove w/ warm towel
  4. Leaf mode #1 on dry skin for 5 min; if no Leaf skip
  5. Apply 1/3 Desembre “Serum Corrective” ampoule included in kit to small areas at a time; Leaf mode #2 & then apply a bit more serum; or apply topically if no Leaf
  6. Apply Desembre “Gold Foil” included in kit randomly on face; leave for 5 min
  7. Apply Desembre “Hydrating Cream+” included in kit to face; massage the cream & gold foil together to dissolve foil & absorbed
  8. Apply 1/3 “Serum Corrective” ampoule & massage in
  9. Mix Desembre “Gold Peel Off Mask” included in kit w/ water, apply & peel off after 15 min; OR “KORU Glomedic Aqua Peptide Peel Off Mask – Collagen” for 10 min; ice roller over mask; after removal, clean surface with warm towel
  10. Apply Desembre “24K Gold & Collagen Gel”, Leaf mode #3 for 5 min; skip if no Leaf; remove residual gel
  11. Tone “Derma Essence Toner”
  12. Finish 1/3 “Serum Corrective” ampoule, Desembre “True Fill-Up Eye & Neck Cream”, Desembre “Waterdrop SPF” & “Hydrating Cream+”

Client should wait 24 hours to wash face.

This protocol is a suggestion & not mandatory.

AAWA is not responsible for any possible adverse reactions & all contraindications is the responsibility of the provider of the service.

Estimated treatment time 75-90 min.

Approx treatment price varies based on demographic, client base, modalities used, etc

Treatment is great for volume, plumping & firming; Toxin draining; Cell activation; Whitening, Also a beautiful treatment for sensitive & rosacea / compromised barrier.