VLine Lift Facial

  1. Cleanse using Desembre “Aging Science Creamy Mousse Cleanser”; remove w/ warm towel
  2. Tone Desembre “Derma Science Derma Essence Toner”
  3. Optional Dermaplane Hempeak “Facial Oil”; remove residual oil
  4. Apply Leaf mode #1 on dry skin for 5 min; if no Leaf skip this
  5. Apply Desembre “Gold Lifting Gel” ampoule from “VLine Magic Therapy” kit w/ provided silicone brush in an upward fashion; allow to dry 15 min
  6. Apply Desembre “Derma Science 24K Gold & Collagen Gel” included in VLine kit & massage to completely dissolve lifting gel
  7. Remove all product w/ warm towel
  8. Apply Desembre “S-PDRN Core Vital” ampoule; mode #2 over serum for 5 min (if using Leaf)
  9. Mix Desembre “Gold Peel Off Mask” provided in VLine kit w/ water, apply & remove at 15 min OR mix “KORU Glomedic Peptide Peel Off Mask- Coenzyme Q10”; apply & remove at 10 min
  10. Apply Desembre “Jojoba & Honey Massage Gel” & massage 5 min; remove gel
  11. Apply “24K Gold & Collagen Gel” & Leaf mode #3 for 5 min; remove residual gel
  12. Finish treatment with remaining “S-PDRN Core Vital” ampoule, Desembre “Waterdrop SPF” & Desembre “Core Vital Cream”

This protocol is a suggestion & not mandatory.

AAWA is not responsible for any possible adverse reactions & all contraindications is the responsibility of the provider of the service.

Estimated treatment time 75-90 min.

Approx treatment price varies on demographic, client base, modalities used, etc.

VLine is an innovative product for improving sagging & wrinkled skin. It provides an effect like that of medical lifting PDO threads, without the injections. Provides elasticity, volume & lifting.