Silk Protein Collagen Threads/Nest

  1. PreCleanse w/ Hempeak “Cleansing Oil”
  2. Cleanse w/ Inspira Med “Prime Cleanser”
  3. Tone w/ Desembre “Derma Essence Toner”
  4. Leaf Mode #1 – 5 minutes on dry skin
  5. Exfoliate w/ Inspira Med “Peel 20 or 40”, depending on client
  6. Inspira Med “pH Neutralizer”
  7. Mix 1 ampoule Skin Remedy “illumin-8 serum” & 1 level scoop Skin Remedy “Fucoidan powder” together until dissolved; Apply a small amount of serum to skin
  8. THREADS: Using tweezers, take a thread & lay in line/wrinkle; apply more serum to thread; Massage in any remaining undissolved threads
  9. NEST: Using tweezers, remove the amount of nest you want & mix together with serum until dissolved; use a silicon brush to apply mixture to area
  10. Place client under LED for 15 minutes (optional)
  11. Apply remaining illumin-8 mixture to skin
  12. Leaf mode #2 – 5 minutes over serum
  13. Apply Desembre “Dermagarden 7-Pepta sheet mask” for 5 min
  14. Leaf mode #2 – Additional 5 minutes over sheet mask
  15. Remove mask; place a drop or 2 of Hempeak “Facial Oil” & leftover serum from 7-pepta pouch into hands & massage in remaining serum mixture

* Do not wash face or go in sun for a minimum of 24 hours after treatment

This protocol is a suggestion & not mandatory.

AAWA is not responsible for any possible adverse reaction & all contraindications is the responsibility of the provider of the service.

Average treatment time of 75-90 min.

Approx treatment price varies based on demographic, client base, modalities used, etc.