Hydrating Facial

  1. Cleanse w/ Hempeak “Cleansing Oil”
  2. Dermaplane (optional) Hempeak “Facial Oil”; remove excess oil
  3. Mix Desembre “Enzyme Powder” & Desembre “Derma Essence Toner” w/ a fan brush until foamy & apply for 5 min; remove
  4. Red Light Therapy (optional)
  5. Leaf mode 1 for 5 min (dry skin)
  6. Mix 1/2 dropper Hempeak “Facial Oil” w/ Desembre “Hydra-Full Activator Ampoule” (reserve 50% for later step) & apply to skin
  7. Leaf mode 2 for 5 min over serum
  8. Apply a generous amount of Desembre “High Frequency Cream” to skin & use High Frequency wand with Neon attachment to activate/penetrate for approx 5-10 min depending on clients need; remove excess cream
  9. Using a mask brush, apply 2 layers of Desembre “Hydro 24h Cream Mask”; leave on for 10-15 min; remove
  10. Apply the remaining reserved serum from step 6 & Leaf mode 2 for 5 min
  11. Finish with Desembre “EGF Waterdrop SPF” & Desembre “Hydrating Cream+”

This protocol is a suggestion & not mandatory.

AAWA is not responsible for any possible adverse reaction & all contraindications is the responsibility of the provider of the service.

Average treatment time of 60 min.

Approx treatment price varies based on demographic, client base, modalities used, etc.