Crystal Carboxy CO2 Treatment

  1. Cleanse w/ Desembre “Oxy Peel Bubble Mask Cleanser”; remove with warm towel
  2. (optional) Dermaplane using Hempeak “Facial Oil; keep in mind this step should only be done if clients skin can handle this in conjunction with treatment as it increases the intensity. Remove residual oil; omit dermaplaning if unsure
  3. Empty entire syringe of KORU “Carboxy Gel” (inside KORU Crystal Carboxy CO2 kit) into a bowl; Apply gel with brush to face
  4. Place “Cotton Mask” from kit over gel & press gently; Leave on for 20 minutes
  5. Remove gel; Rinse with room temp water/towel until all gel is removed
  6. Apply Desembre “Dermagarden 7-Pepta sheet mask”; Leave on for 10 minutes; if client has sensitive skin or doesn’t tolerate peptides well, use Desembre “3 in 1 Silk Mask”; remove mask & gently tap in remaining serum
  7. Apply Desembre “Hydra-Full Activator Ampoule”; massage in, send remaining ampoule home with client or keep for another treatment. Should be used within 2 weeks of opening
  8. Finish with Desembre “Waterdrop SPF” & Desembre “White Science 24h Cream”

This protocol is a suggestion & not mandatory.

AAWA is not responsibility for any possible adverse reactions & all contraindications is the responsibility of the provider of the service.

Estimated treatment time 45-60 min

Price varies based on demographics, client base, modalities used, etc.

Benefits: Restore & detoxify skin; Maintains oil/ moisture balance; Enhances skin elasticity & suppleness; Provides youthful contours; Reduces pigmentation, age spots & improves even skin tone; Provides hydration; Reduces redness & sensitivity; Reinforce skin tone & strength; Minimize wrinkles & fine lines; Clears acne & post acne marks; Tighten & refine pores.