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Skin Remedy AHA Hydro Refine Serum Concentrate

Skin Remedy AHA Hydro Refine Serum Concentrate

Manufactured to be used in conjunction with the Hydro Machine

This glycolic based solution will clear pores & comedones, increase cell turnover, brighten complexion, smooth fine lines & improves tone & texture, plumps & boosts hydration.



Measure out what you need=2 parts serum & 8 parts distilled water.
Example: 2 TB serum to 8 TB water = enough solution for approximately 2 treatments.
There’s 10 (ish) servings at this ratio.
10 x 2 treatments = 20 treatments
20 treatments \ $10 cost = $0.50 per consumable treatment cost
Only mix what you need, no more waste.

Follow your machines instructions.

* for your sensitive clients… dilute with extra water

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